Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spicy Puffed Rice (Churmurey Upkari/ Charmuri Pachhadi)

During our childhood days, eating Churmurey was a grand affair. We used to help Mum with her kitchen chores for chopping onions, cilantro and relish the experience. The best I have enjoyed is the one which we get in Udupi Krishna temple premise. They garnish the snack with raw mango (Ambuli) and it tastes amazing. The person there serves it in paper cones and dabs mounds of raw mango on top of the snack while serving.
I prefer Churmuri with Hot Tea. The combination is good and also ensures that your tummy is full with a dry snack and hot tea. A beverage/ drink is always suggested with Churmurey Upkari as the tummy gets dry food alone due to dry-snack nature of Churmurey.

Serves: 1-3 individuals

Puffed Rice – 6-8 C
Coconut oil – 6 T
Nayak’s Churmuri Powder or Sambhar Powder – 3 T
Red Chillie Powder – 1 t
Finely chopped Onions – 1 C
Finely chopped Cilantro leaves – 1 C
Raw Mango – 1 C (Finely chopped): optional
Salt – As per taste

1.Fry the puffed rice on kadhai on very low flame (dry without oil). My mum does this exercise before preparing Churmurey Upkari. This also ensures that puffed rice are crispy and fresh and thereby enhance the flavor of the dish. 2.Add the coconut oil, Churmuri and Red Chillie powder. Nayak’s Churmuri powder is easily available in all Mangalore stores in Bangalore and Mangalore. Mix in rigorously to avoid lumps. If one cannot find this powder, plain red chillie powder also serves the purpose.
3.Finally add in salt and chopped onions. This process ensures that onions absorb the oil. Add cilantro leaves while serving the dish.
4.Serve this dish as an evening snack with Cardamom Tea.

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  1. Hi Ashwini, first time on your space...lovely recipes you have here...and LUVED the Churmurey Upkari....this is something I have been looking out for a long time. My Ajji made this when we were little kids...


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