Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Onion Soup

Its always said that certain food types which we relish in childhood days become a habit once you grow up. One such food type is “Soup”. I love the taste and aroma of
vegetarian soup cooked and served straight from the pot. Thanks to Aunty S, my Anglo-Indian neighbor who introduced me to Soups, Cookies and taught me how to eat with fork and spoon. Ever since I tasted her soupy delicacies I think I can survive all my life on soups given a chance. Here’s one created by yours truly and can be prepared quickly without any hassles. Serves as an ideal supper. I love this soup and can survive on this given a chance all through my life. A soup is a healthy appetizer, builds taste and is easy to make.

Serves: 2-3 individuals

Spring Onion – chopped (around 7-10 spring onions twigs)
Butter – 1 t
Olive Oil – 2-4 T
Macaroni – 1 c
Maggie cubes – 2 (vegetarian)
Pepper powder – ½ t (garnishing)
Water – 6-8 C
Salt – As per taste

1. Add butter and olive oil in a pot and allow to melt on medium flame.
2. Add chopped spring onion and sauté gently.
3. Add macaroni and add 2-3 C of water and cover the pot with a lid.
4. Allow the spring onion (onion + spring onion leaves) to boil (2-3 minutes) & lower the flame. Add Maggie cubes to the broth.
5. Add rest of the water & salt and bring to boil.
6. Serve hot and garnish with pepper powder.

Mom’s Special Tip
: Once the veggies are semi-cooked, add water, bring to boil, cover the lid and turn off the flame. This way we save on fuel and the content cooks due to the heat available inside the pot.


  1. I like the idea of this soup with the mild onion-flavour from the spring onions.

  2. Thanks for your comments Cynthia. Your inputs truly motivate me to blog around. Appreciate it!

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  4. Hey Ashwini! Hi ..First timer you pls tell me what veggies have u added, and also have u added boiled macaronis to the oil or its the raw ones? Thanks in anticipation! :)

  5. Also when n how to introduce the maggie cubes?

  6. Hi Purnima,

    Thank you for your visit.
    The veggies here are the chopped spring onions + leaves; maggie cubes need to be once the broth is ready with all the ingredients before we add water to bring it to boil. Let me know if you have any other queries.



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