Monday, June 8, 2009

Egg Bhurji

Today P promptly declared that he will cook yummy dinner for me. He prepared Egg Bhurji - Indian style. The taste was very warm and nice with tomatoes, eggs and spices blending into each other.

Thanks P!!

Serves: 2 individuals
Recipe source: P, my dear husband

Eggs: 2
Tomatoes: 2 - chopped finely
Onions: 2 - chopped finely
Garam Masala powder: MDH brand - 1 t
Green chillies: 2 - sliced
Oil: for frying purpose

In a deep sauce pan, heat oil and fry onions and green chillies. Add garam masala powder, tomatoes, salt and break the eggs and keep stirring till the eggs part from the sauce pan surface.

I realised the more evenly you stir this dish the better the taste of Bhurji. Serve with whole wheat brown bread slathered with butter. Enjoy your meal!!

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