Thursday, July 16, 2009

BBQ: Grilled Mushrooms and Chicken Drumsticks

July 4th was great fun this time around!! Its a summery tradition to grill food in your backyard and invite friends and family over.
I happened to read some interesting tit-bits on food-on-skewer printed on a health magazine of a local healthcare magazine published here:

Delightful Summer Dinner on a Stick by Seleta Maler
"The French think of them as "brochettes". In Japan, they love "yakitori". The English call them "skewers". The Turks relish "kebabs". Indonesians enjoy "satay". Portuguese are fond of "espetadas". And around Buffalo, New York, residents savour "spiedo".
Whatever you call them, they are scrumptious and come on a stick (wooden or metal). They can be made with pork, beef, lamb, veal, poultry or fish. May be you know them as "shish kebabs". Whatever you want to call them, they are great for quick and easy healthy meals."

We had a great time with cousins joining us for a BBQ party. P's cousin brought in yummy Chicken Hariyali Kebabs and Corn on the cob.

P and I were responsible for the following:

1) Grilled Mushroom: I bought 2 packets of Baby Portolbello mushrooms and marinated it the previous night with Chilli powder, Shan Tikka Masala, Lime juice, Salt, Pepper powder, Coriander powder and just a spoon of yoghurt. Next day morning grilled this in wooden skewers alongwith Red Bell Pepper chunks and Onions. Its a good idea to soak the skewers in water for half an hour. This prevents the skewers from catching fire.

2) Chicken Drumstick: P used skinless, drumstick chicken with bone. He marinated in Shan BBQ Masala, Yoghurt the previous night. Next day we promptly took it to the the pit, added some Charcoal Liquid fuel on coal briskets and they were all set to blaze the meat and vegetable pieces! It was a a beautiful experience to understand how meat and vegetables cook alongside.

3) Tostitos with Tomato Tostito Chunky Salsa sauce and some Beer, Cool drinks to go alongwith!!

Summer is here for all of us!!

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