Monday, August 24, 2009

Very-Well-Done French Omelettes

After being aptly inspired by Julia Child, her life, recipes and her interests; I decided to try my hand at something which Julia describes as a skill - French Omelettes & Right Omelette Making Technique. I skimmed through the online info taken from her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking where she dedicates eight pages to make a simple Omelette. I was initially amazed but later realised this is what it takes to master cooking - Precision and Planning. I decided to try it out and follow her instructions to the T so that I enable myself to create Chef style professional dishes.

She describes Omelette's in the following way:

"A good French omelette is a smooth, gently swelling, golden oval that is tender and creamy inside. And as it takes less than half a minute to make, it is ideal for a quick meal. There is a trick to omelettes, and certainly the easiest way to learn is to ask an expert to give you a lesson. Nevertheless we hope one of the two techniques we describe will enable you, if you have never made an omelette before, to produce a good one. The difficulty with all written recipes for omelettes is that before you even start to make one you must read, remember, and visualize the directions from beginning to end, and practice the movements. For everything must go so quickly once the eggs are in the pan that there is no time at all to stop in the middle and pore over your book in order to see what comes next. Learning to make a good omelette is entirely a matter of practice. Do one after another for groups of people every chance you get for several days, and even be willing to throw some away. You should soon develop the art, as well as your own personal omelette style."

Here is my personal recipe of what I name as: Very-Well-Done Omelettes. P is an ardent fan of sophisticated & fine dining experience and he taught me the importance of Medium Done, Well Done and Very-Well-Done Omelettes. I have learnt over a period of time what it takes to make some great Omelettes. My taste is : Very-Well-Done Omelettes. Little thought and practice galore takes one ahead ! :)

Cooking technique adapted from Julia's - Mastering the Art of French Cooking

Serves: 1 individual

Eggs - 2
Salt - As per taste
Pepper - 1/2 teaspoon
Oil - For frying

Use a non-stick pan and heat oil. Hold the handle and let the oil flow around in abundance over the pan surface area. Break the eggs and spread the yolk gently. Sprinkle pepper powder and salt over the Omelette mass. Gently separate the ends of Omelette. Give a good shake and flip over the Omelette by holding the handle of the pan. This does not disturb the Omelette surface and is a chef style approach. Flipping Omelette over is a knack and comes with time, I learnt it from P who does it with great style and elan. A VWD Omellete easily takes 2-3 minutes since the egg mass has to be well cooked. Since, I wanted to flip them over and not use a ladel, I broke them into 2 pieces and voila! My French Omelettes are there ready to be served!!

Serve hot with warm toasted Wheat Bread. Here's to a healthy breakfast!!
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