Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chicken Burgers

One of those lazy days when you do not have the urge to move a muscle and want a filling junk food dinner. I had bought Hamburger Buns, Romaine Lettuce, Mayo, Cheese Slices, Tomatoes, Onions and some Chicken Patties from the local grocery. Why not plonk it all together for a quick Burger? I humbly obliged to P's intructions and he made these tasty and finger licking delicious bunny Burgers.

The approach was simple - I recalled the way Bappa, a grand old uncle used to make Cutlet Buns also called as Burgers in our college. It was quite a popular food amongst the students. He simply suated a few buns in pan slathered with some oil, added a slice of onion, tomato and some Amul Butter and a Potato Kaap coated with Rava and the humble Burger was all set to be devoured. Considering that those days our pocket money was frugal and within means, we all patronised the yummy Burgers he made. Even to this date, if I meet him at my College, I always thank him for this heavenly delight which was a big deal for us during those days.

Recipe ~ Inspired by my college day junk food = Burger.
Serves ~ 2 Burgers

Chicken/ Veg cutlet - 2 Patties
Mayonnaise - 2 teaspoons
Romaine Lettuce - 6 leaves
Tomato slices - 2
Onion slices - 2
Butter - for frying
Cheese slice - 2

Lightly roast the Buns on a pan with some butter. Once they get crispy on both sides. Slather one side of Burger with Mayo, place a Patty, place a slice of Onion and Tomato each, place couple of Lettuce leaves, a slice of cheese and top it with another bun. Poke a plastic pin in the centre to hold the ingredients together. Serve with ketchup, salad vegetable strips and Chips. If Vegeterian, you will find the cutlet recipe here.

Enjoy the not so healthy pleasures of junk food at times. We are all humans!

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