Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Urad-Maida Dosa (Urad Maida Polo)

Something which was on my pending list for long but not fulfilled. P is a big fan of this Dosa and for some reasons never got myself to prepare it. Finally one of those days when you are inspired to do your best and ready to move any stone to achieve what you made your mind for; I made this Dosa. P liked it a lot. Quite easy to make and hassle free Dosa.

I never get to believe that I could make Dosa. On a serious note I felt Dosa's are made exclusively for kitchen queen's who have dextrous hands that can dish out yummy dishes with meal preparation experience of more than 10 years. I am not exaggerating. Finally when I tried my hand with online support from Mom (yes, she always comes to my rescue), I realised difficulties are "all in the mind". You choose your thoughts so it implies that you choose your actions as well. This also reminds me of a famous phrase which I saw in a movie recently where a father tells a child - "Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something". I do not recall the movie name but this phrase inspired me to think and I gained a different perspective on things which seem difficult from hindsight but seem to be easy when you actually conquer your fears and take the mighty plunge.

Recipe Source ~ Mom
Serves ~ 20 to 25 Dosa's

Urad Dal - 1 cup
Maida - 1 cup (approximately)
Salt - as per taste
Oil - For frying
Ginger-Green Chili paste (optional) - 2 tablespoons

Pre-soak Urad Dal in water for 8-12 hours prior to grinding. Grind to a fine paste and mix in Maida just before making Dosa's. Add salt and the spice paste. I did not add as P prefers the plain taste of Dosa.

Driizle some oil on a shallow wide spread sauce pan (Dosa Pan). Pour a ladle full of Dosa and spread gently. Pour oil around the surface area of the Dosa. Once crisply done, flip it over. Allow to cook well on both the sides and serve hot with Byadgi Red Chili Red Chutney.

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