Sunday, October 18, 2009

Plain Poha (Kaalayiley Phovu)

Poha or Beaten Rice is one of my favorites for breakfast. Any form of Poha be it Poha with Potatoes (Batata Poha), Poha with spice powder or plain (Kalayiley Phovu and Phova Chutney), Poha Chivdaa, Poha with Onions (Kanda Pohey) . I am a big fan of this. Sometimes as a kid my Mom used to wonder how come I love Poha so much. I can have simple plain poha 365 days without complaining.

The simplest version of this - Plain Poha or Kaalayiley Phovu is my favorite breakfast item of Poha. Its easy, can be made in 10 minutes flat if your kitchen is well stocked. The term Kaalayiley in Konkani stands for Mixing hence Kaalayiley Phovu. The dish is very healthy. It finds prominence in many Konkani weddings, social events, functions et al. It is an important "Taanni" or Tiffin item amongst Konkanis. There are many versions to Poha - this one being the simplest and easiest of all of them.

Recipe Source ~ Mom
Preparation time ~ 10 minutes

Poha or Beaten Rice/ Flattened Rice - 1 cup
Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup
Coconut pieces - 2 teaspoon
Green Chillies - 1 (chopped)
Asafoetida - Just a sprinkle
Water - For mixing
Salt - As per taste

Crush together green chillies, salt, coconut pieces and grated coconut in a mixing bowl. Add Poha and water and mix well. The more mixed and soaked the Poha the better tasting is the Kalayiley Poha. Mix Asafoetida in water and pour over the Poha and mix in again. Check for taste. The taste of this Poha is very salty and sugary - that's the way its prepared at my home in Udupi.

Suggestions: Try and use fresh coconut, the fresher the coconut the better tasting the Poha. The Poha should be soaked in water yet need not be watery. Use your judgement since if the Poha is raw it renders a very raw flavour to the whole dish.

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