Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ripe Banana Fritters (Nendra Baaley Phodi)

In Udupi, we get a certain type of Banana called Nendra Baaley (its a term in Kannada language for the Banana) or Moirachi Keli or Maidyachi Keli (Goan Konkani: These Bananas believed to originate and harvested from a small village named Moira in Goa). Baaley Kai or Baaley Hannu in Kannada language means Banana. I do not know what Nendra stands for (need to ask my rescue line: 1-800-MOTHER, if anyone knows the meaning kindly enlighten). I found a tall one at a local grocery store in US for a petty buy. They taste extremely delicious and are very nutritious, filling for a medium heavy breakfast.

These Bananas taste good and are a good fit for Fritters. They were one of the regular delicacies made at home for breakfast. Breakfast? Yes; Funny isn't it? When I made these Fritters, P raised his eyebrows in amusement. I also recalled having sampled these as a kid at couple of restaurants in Calangute Beach and Baga Beach, Goa. For me it was a heavenly feeling! How can a dish be sweet and salty yet taste so delicious? I used to wonder. Coming back , this Banana is a local delicacy in Goa. As kids, we gorged on these Fritters. My cousins in Goa used to prepare the Fritters for festivals and important celebrations in the family. The Banana is tall, yellowish-black tinge and one Banana can easily suffice for a breakfast for 2 people (will get a picture next time around). The first look at these Bananas you would feel they are overripe, but trust me they are not. The more ripe they go in your rack, the better tasting are the Fritters.

I specially like these Fritters because the sweet flavour of Banana blend with the spices well and take the flavour to a whole new level. It was an easy breakfast snack for me while in school because I used to hate munching early in the morning for hours together. Fritters are a quickie. Plus as a kid I relished the marriage of sweet with spice, something which I cannot withstand now after many years. I fried them in salted butter as the aroma turns unique and savoury.

Recipe Source ~ Mom
Serves ~ 2 individuals

Tall Green-Yellow Overripe Plaintain (Nendra variety or Moira Keli variety) - 1
Red Chilli powder - 1/3 teaspoon
Turmeric powder - Just a sprinkle
Rice Flour powder (coarse) - 3-4 tablespoon ~ Wash rice, dry and grind to a powder
Salt - As per taste
Ghee/ Butter (salted) - For frying

Peel the Banana and chop them into 2" pieces, apply salt, turmeric powder and red chilli powder and keep aside. In a deep dish thick saucepan, heat ghee/butter and allow to melt. The butter should be just enough for the Fritters to fry and not swim.

Roll each Banana piece in Rice Flour and pan-fry on both sides for 20 minutes. Once done you will see that they get sort of charred and browned on both sides. Serve hot with coffee/tea.

Suggestion: Do not use oil for frying as it interferes with the taste of Banana. Use Ghee/ Butter (salted) as it gives good aroma and makes the Fritters more flavourful.

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