Friday, January 7, 2011

Amruta Balli (Giloy/ Guduchi)

We have a small community garden at my parent's place. Of late, owing to health consciousness amongst people, lot of herbs and unique varieties of species are finding their rightful place in the garden. Mom takes keen interest in studying and learning about various herbs which support health and well being. She passes on her knowledge to friends and family who have benefited immensely on the health front. She also provides rare herb saplings to our gardener who happily obliges and tends the plants.

The garden has become a mini herb garden now so to say! Folks from the community are also taking active interest in maintaining and preserving the green eco life. :)

I was recently introduced to this precious variety of herb popularly known as Giloy in Hindi. Giloy grows in a creeper form and has large heart shaped leaves which grow in abundance. Mostly they are found clinging to large Mango trees. Giloy is known as Amruta Balli in Kannada and Guduchi in Sanskrit. The scientific name of Giloy is Tinospora Cordifolia. The leaves have mild bitter flavour and are effective when consumed raw or in processed form. Owing to the popular demand for this creeper, many nurseries are also selling the saplings for a reasonable sum. For individuals who do not have facility to grow the sapling, the powdered form of this herb is available in India which can also be substituted and used in regular diet.

Few health benefits of Amruta Balli are as follows:
- The leaves, stems protect the body against various forms of toxins and are very useful in flushing them out.
- It is used for curing fever, urinary disorders, rheumatism, jaundice and various other diseases.
- If taken regularly, the body's immune system gets strengthened and gains balance.
- The plant is particularly important and known for curing swine flu symptoms and gained lot of demand during the swine flu epidemic in Bangalore some time back.
- The leaves are recommended for daily intake (1 per day) for Diabetic patients. Preferably to be consumed early in the morning on empty stomach.
- Regular consumption of Amruta Balli is also supportive in weight regulation and balance of vital body nutrients.


  1. Thanks for the input on this herb.
    But are we supposed to chew them on empty stomach or just take the juice?

  2. @ Jayashree -
    For best results, its advised to chew the leaves on empty stomach. You could also extract the juice and mix in little jaggery and gulp it down. The effect is more profound if taken on empty stomach.

  3. Thanks a lot for the useful information..

  4. @ Divya - Thank you! Guduchi is a wonder herb but many are not aware of its medicinal properties.

  5. Bougainvillea spectabilis, a ubiquitous plant , has been found to be effective in controlling diabetes mellitus. I take four young leaves of this liana chew and gulp with some water. Scientific research in labs of Pune have confirmes this finding. It is a 21 day course. Hope this come useful to patients of DM.
    Vijay Rajurs

  6. Amrita balli is amrita for ever. It is having many values, cannot be eplained. If you take Amrita balli leaves with Tulsi leaves. it at par medicin . It is Sajeevani.
    good for all diseases, even for long term health probels. It is to be belive more and trust and pray the energy stored in the plants. all gods gifts are present in these plants. I dont have more words and not capable to expalin more. I had these plants all around my house and always eating, when ever I came out of house,office. It has become regular practice.please share more experiance with others.

  7. where is guduchi plant available. i need it for my research.

    1. @ Anonymous - The Guduchi plant is available is most of leading nurseries across India. If not, you could request them to procure one for you.

  8. Wonderful information....I am recently been diagonosed with blood sugar which is 159 at fasting and 225 as p.p. But no trace of sugar in Urine. I can not walk due my am I called myself a d.m patient

    1. @ Anonymous - Thanks. Hope things get better for you. A change in diet, exercise with yoga certainly helps.


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