About Me

Hello!  I am a self confessed foodie with a keen interest in anything that spells F.O.O.D. A good home cooked meal elevates me to cloud nine. My love for food, especially home cooked meals also has shades of local flavors and aromas.

You will find lot of Konkan/ Konkani recipes on my blog with a specific focus on GSB South Canara Cooking. This is the cuisine I grew up eating and holds a special and revered place in my life. The objective of this blog has always been to collect and preserve the recipes which I grew up eating. Growing up in a family where during breakfast lunch gets discussed and during lunch its the dinner topic which pops up, it is but natural for me to love, cherish and enjoy my food. What better way to make it real - "Learn To Cook", were the imploring words uttered by my Mom.

I am a Writer, Poet, Singer, Chef, Pet Mom all wrapped into one. I appreciate diversity and the new things I get to learn from different cultures, customs and traditions. I enjoy reading, writing, traveling,  movies (especially Bollywood), knitting and crochet, art projects and picking new skills along the way.

I began this blog in Feb 2008 and ever since there is no stopping. The foremost inspiration for this blog has been my Mother. She has taught me all what I have learned, experimented and evolved with as I have progressed with the blog. Her valuable lessons on life and various other teachings inspire me. This along with my Husband, Aunts, Foster Aunts, friends and countless accidental and deliberate discoveries during my travel, endless hours of watching sumptuous food shows and numerous instances spent rummaging through magazine for recipes is what has enabled me to be a decent, methodical and disciplined chef. Thanks to all of them, the road for me is still under construction and there is plenty of room for improvement as always in most events in life.

What began as a compilation of 250 recipes hand-written and noted in my diary has today shaped up to this treasured collection of my kitchen adventures. I share my life here in US with my husband and a hyperactive baby Labrador. The husband is the supportive foodie who understands the food loving side of my persona and is a voluntary tester for all my creations. Baby Lab is my solitary kitchen companion but sadly is not allowed any home cooked food except carrots and cucumber. Last but not the least I owe a lot to numerous friends I have made during my blogging journey who keep me going through the highs and lows of life as a blogger. Enjoy this journey with me as I taken on a humble attempt to capture my kitchen experiments and preserve them for posterity.

I attribute this blog to my mother - the greatest culinary aficionado I have ever known.

- Ashwini.