Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sweet Konkani Pancake ~ Surnoli

One type of Konkani Dosa which I grew eating wondering how on the earth the Dosa gets such beautiful holes on it? This is one cute little Konkani Sweet Dosa or Sweet Indian Pancake which is very very soft and gets plenty of tiny perforation/ holes on it once cooked. I had no idea how it happens. Only when I grew up, I understood the fermentation process; Than I became a little sure about the nuts and bolts of this dish. Surnoli is a sweet Konkani pancake, mostly prepared in South Canara Konkani homes. It gets the peculiar name owing to the noli which means holes or perforations in Konkani language. The dosa is not as big as the conventional dosa but is spread to around 8 inches in diameter, atleast thats the way my Mom does it.

I personally love the combination of Surnoli with Mooga Ghashi. This is one combination which is always followed in my house, don't ask me why. I love the salty taste of Mooga Ghashi with Surnoli. Dad loves the Dosa with homemade butter or Loni. The final outcome of this breakfast dish is simply out of the world!

Recipe Source ~ Mom
Preparation time ~ 30 minutes

Rice - 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds - 1/3 teaspoon
Poha or Flattened Rice - 1/2 cup
Buttermilk - 3/4th cup
Grated coconut - 2-3 tablespoon
Turmeric powder - 1/3 teaspoon
Jaggery (grated) - 2 tablespoon or as per taste ~ preferably molten jaggery
Water - For grinding consistency
Wash rice and poha. Soak rice along with rest of the ingredients for 6-8 hours. This dosa needs ample time for fermentation for the pretty perforation to be evident on the dosa. Hence, it needs to be fermented pretty well. Grind to a batter like consistency and allow to ferment for 6-8 hours.

Heat a griddle pan or dosa pan and pour a ladle full of Dosa batter and spread to the size of Chapathi. Once you are done with spreading, you will notice tiny perforations on the dosa. Once cooked on the sunny side, do not flip over. You will notice the other side wee bit charred and readily cooked. Serve immediately with Mooga Ghashi or Butter. Best when consumed hot from the pan.


  1. Spongy and bagging for things to be sopped up with :)

  2. Surnoli is new to me and looks very flavorful and delicious!


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