Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Traditional Measuring Cup (Tandla Maane)

My Mom is very attached to her kitchen contraptions, containers, utensils and various knick-knacks as she believes there is a story behind each of them. Not to forget the tiny details on how she went about procuring each of the item. I on the other hand ransack our kitchen in India on every given opportunity to locate the traditional ones which in my opinion will dwindle soon from the horizon in some years.

One such measuring cup which I spotted was a traditional one which is known in GSB Konkani as Tandlaa Maane (maane used to measure rice). As much as Mom has the newer standard measuring cups adorning the kitchen shelves, she goes back to her oldie copper battered and wearied down Maane as it was gifted my old and ailing grand mom to my mom many many years back. Mom gifted me one during my last trip to India as I lamented for not having a similar one in my kitchen. Fearing the oxidation of copper cups, I settled for a steel one. Incidentally, my grandmom's home still has the traditional measuring cups which are Padee and Maane. One Maane equals 1 and 1/2 cup of standard cup measurement. I am surprised as the measurement is precise.

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