Monday, June 8, 2009

Banana Milk Shake

There are some times when a refreshing drink wakes you up and gets you on your feet for a whole new world. P introduced me to this world and I cannot thank him enough for this. For some strange reasons I was never a huge milkshake person. P loves Milkshakes and now its regular part of our daily drink menu. He taught me this easy recipe and now I can turn around this beverage in 5 minutes flat.

Recipe Source: P
Serves: 2 individuals

Banana: 1 - completely done and yellow, chopped
Ice cubes: 6 cubes
MTR Badam powder: 2 teaspoon
Sugar: 5 teaspoon
Milk: 2 cups

Blend ice cubes, milk, sugar and chopped banana along with the Badam powder and shake well. Serve as a evening drink along with chips and pakoras. This one is our personal favorite.


  1. I love this too .. Normally we toss the bananas into the freezer when they look like they're going bad .. and then we pull out the frozen bananas, add milk and sugar and its SO yum to drink. No need to add ice because the banana is frozen !

  2. Cannot agree more with this Nisha. Its simply divine taste and one of P's favorite drink!!!



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