Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yard Long Beans Side Dish (Alsandey Upkari)

In Konkani cuisines, Upkari is a popular method oof cooking. Vegetables are chopped and tempered with Curry leaves, mustard seeds or Garlic falkes. Vegetables are brought to boil, and simmered on low flame. Garnished with Grated coconut and served hot with rice as a side dish.

In Konkani - Upkari means vegetables which are chopped and stir fried with little water. The biggest advantage of Upkari is that the vegetables cook in its own juices. Once all ingredients are added, the vegetables are covered with a lid, brought to a boil and then the flame gets lowered and you cook the vegetables till the water gets evaporated.

Alsandey Upkari has been one of my favorite upkaris since childhood days. I love the aroma of this tender beans, chopped finely and meshed with mustard and grated coconut. In Konkani culture, this gets served as a side dish alongwith Daal or Coconut gravy based curries.
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Serves: 3 individuals
Yard Long Beans/ Alsandey - chopped finely - 3-4 cups
Mustard seeds - 1/2 teaspoon
Red Chillies - 1-2
Grated coconut (fresh/frozen) - 2 tablespoon
Oil - for frying
Water - for boiling vegetables
Salt - as per taste
Curry leaves(optional) - 4-8 leaves

Heat oil in a pan and once heated add mustard seeds, red chilli and curry leaves. Add chopped beans to this and stir well. Add salt as water good enough to immerse half the quantity of vegetables. Cover the dish with a lid and bring to boil and then lower the flame. Give a gentle stir once in a while. Once water gets evaporated, turn the flame off. Garnish with grated coconut and serve hot as a side dish.

Am sending my entry to Sia's RCI: Udupi and Manglorean Cuisines - July 2009.

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