Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aebleskiver Pan (Appe Kaili)

Aebleskiver Pan is a pan with versatile use and is an owner's pride. The pan is of Danish origin used to make mini eatables which closely resemble circular spongy cakes like Popovers.

In Indian cuisine, the pan is popularly used to make Appe (in Konkani), Paniyaram (in Tamil) and Paddu (in Kannada). I appreciate this skillet because it can be used to make Appe, Pakoras (the low fat version), Dumplings (fried ones), Koftas (for Kofta curry). The biggest advantage of this skillet is the amount of oil it takes to cook any food item. If you are diet conscious, you could also use a squirt of Pam Cooking Spray which is a boon for oil control in cooking. The ergonomic design of the structure supports quick cooking with less fat. The spatula of the pan resembles a knitting needle with an arrow added for convenience.

Curing is a crucial step involved in preserving the pan and adding longevity if one is using an iron one. Its relatively heavier but iron rich food supplements for the taste and texture. Coat few spoons of oil on all the exposed areas of the pan over night and leave aside. My Ma has been doing this for many years now. I use a non-stick version so just greasing oil on the indentations is good enough.

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