Thursday, May 7, 2009

Aloo Paratha

Of late I am trying to match up my cooking as per P's taste. P loves Aloo is any form - fried, sauted, boiled, scrambled with eggs. Sometimes I am surprised how can someone love a vegetable so much. He can devour aloo fritters in minutes. So I thought of surprising P with a crisp to perfection bread of his choice - Aloo Paratha. He loved it and was surprised since the edges did not break nor did the Potato pieces oooze out while rolling. I made his day and he made mine!!!

Serves: 2-4 individuals
Source: Self


Coriander stems + leaves - 4-10 sprigs
Green chillies - 2
Garlic - 2 flakes
Ginger - 1 inch piece
Salt - as per taste
Boiled potatoes - 4 (I used Idaho potatoes)

Paratha dough:
Wheat flour - 3 C
Water - for mixing
Amchur powder - 1/2 t (optional)
Milk - 2 t

Knead the dough my mixing salt, wheat flour and water. I also added 2 t milk as per Maa's suggestion. Maa said it makes the paratha more softer. Keep the dough aside for 20 minutes.

Gring the filling mix except potatoes. Smash potatoes alongwith the mixture and make equal portions of wheat flour and potato mixture.

Roll out Parathas by placing each potato mixture in the wheat flour portion and roll out a round paratha. Fry on a griddle alongwith ghee.

Serve hot with Curd or pickle.

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