Monday, May 18, 2009

Raw Mango Drink

Sumer is in and so are the yummie food varieties. Summer takes me back the fond memories of childhood vacations spent at Ammama's place (Ammama in konkani means Grand mother). She used to cook for a mighty gathering of 25-30 folks on a daily basis. She makes the most tastiest Colombo (Colombo is a type of a Konkani Sambar) on the planet. I am a big fan and happily subscribe to her classy, tasty, appetising dishes which I believe have a special touch. She used to make "Paanak" everytime we used to go to Udupi for vacation. These used to be prepared in huge vessels known as "Kataar" (Kataar is a huge heavy bottomed utensil specially used in South India for cooking and mass food gatherings. After carefully mixing all the ingredients, the crimson-yellow drink used to get served in tall glasses. Sighhh!!! The aroma is still fresh in my mind.

I made the Mango drink based on Raaga's recipe. Thanks Raaga. I have stored the mixture in fridge and enjoy it during the quiet evenings!!

Serves: 3-4 people
Recipe source: Raaga

Raw Mango - 2 C
Water - 1 C
Pepper powder - 1/2 t
Cumin powder - 2 T
Salt - 1 t
Sugar (Jaggery: optional) - 6 t

Chop the Mango to small pieces and boil them in little quantity of water, water should be good enough to immerse the pieces. Add rest of the ingredients. Grind to a smooth paste. Serve in a glass with water in 1:3 ratio. Serve chilled with ice during summer evenings.

I stored them in a container as suggested by Raaga in the recipe. However I made ininor modifications to the recipe. So here is my version based on reference to Raaga's recipe.

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