Friday, July 24, 2009

Ripe Banana Dessert (Kelyachey Rasaayan)

Today is Shraavan month. Shraavan is the holy month of Hindu calendar. Every konkani married lady makes Choodi Pooja today. Choodi is a cluster of Kusa leaves and bright colored flowers. These clusters are offered to God along with Prasad, since I was running out of time, I offered sugar as prasad. Attached is picture of my first Choodi pooja. Once the Choodi clusters are ready, married ladies perform the Choodi Pooja of Tulsi sapling. Offerings are made to Sun god, Rice and Water are offered, thereafter the ladies worship the house god, offer your first Choodi to your husband. Then offer rest to other ladies in the house. The lady would herself wear one of these.

I have fond memories of Mom waking us up early in the morning during Shraavan month; we frisking off to the gardens around, gathering cute pink, blue, violet blossoms.

Happy Shraavan to one and all!!


Today I made Kelyachey Rasaayan - A sweet, herby Goan dessert which I have grown up eating. It's a favorite dessert of most of the Goans I know. I have fond memories of this dessert. We had an old Ajji staying near our house. Every year during Diwali she used to invite all the kids from the colony for Diwali Brunch/ Lunch. This is one of her signature dishes. I grew fond of this slimy, sugary, buttery syrup in my mouth. Its been years now, but the vivid memories I have captured eating the Diwali Brunch/Lunch has left a deep mark on my mind. Sometimes, there are some people who are instrumental in helping you discover and explore different tastes, Ajji is one such person whom I would always want to remember for her various savoury dishes - Kelyachey Rasaayan (Ripe Banana Dessert), Tinda Pickle (Tendleychey Lonchey), Potato Bhel (Batatachey Bhel), White Peas Garam Masala Curry - Goan style (Vatanyachey Tonak). Ajji also used to give us lot of gyaan on the importance of having fruits - Watermelon and Jackfruit being her favorite.

This was one dish she used to make year after year. Later, as years passed Mom learnt this dish from her. This is a very easy and tasty sweet dish and can be done in 15 minutes flat. Yes, take my word for it.

Serves: 3 individuals
Recipe source: Mom

Ripe Banana (sliced) - 2
Sugar - 1/4 C
Cardomom seeds (pounded) - 3-4
Ghee - 2 T
Water - 1/2 C

Heat water in a sauce pan and add sliced banana to it. After slow cooking, banana colour would change to yellow. Add sugar and ghee and stir on low flame. Once done, garnish with cardomom powder and serve hot.

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