Saturday, October 10, 2009

Farmers Market: At Broadway - New York

I have always had an ongoing fascination with the Farmers Market here in US. Some months ago during our trip to New York, I was wandering around the town exploring the local scene, trying to capture the glitz and glamorous spirit and much talked about diversity of the most beautiful city in the world - New York. Lucky me, I found the pictures as well in my folder. The city has something special I must say!
This Market place caught my fascination - the Farmers Market located near Broadway and Wall Street. Its a tiny strip perched right opposite to famous Broadway Cube. You would spot lot of folks selling their local produce straight from the Farm. I love to shop for groceries and vegetables from the Farmers market. There is one near our house where I shop from, for the most sturdy Zucchini, the cutest chubby Banana Pepper, the freshest crunchiest Lettuce. You can spot some cute salad items, fruits of many many varieties and freshest of Radishes and Celery.
Ahhh! The sight, smell, sounds take me back to the much hyped and famous Mapusa Friday Market of Mapusa, Goa. Mapusa Market is held every Friday from morning 10:00 a.m onwards. I used to always go shopping for clothes, junk jewellery and other knick-knacks on Friday because the catch is quite a big one! You will find the most authetic stuff be it Leather jackets, Earthenware diyas, pots, pans, anklets. Fish and Seafood of different sizes and shapes, local Pao, Kaaknaa (a bread with the shape of a Bangle, kaakan is Goan konkani term for Bangle), Polee or Pui (a bread with an oval shape) and Katree (a type of Pao which has the shape of Scissors hence called Katree in Goan Konkani). I found a wonderful narrative on Mapusa Friday Market on Soul Cocina's blog. The pictures are a sheer treat for the eyes. In Goan Konkani, its known as Baazaar, a place where folks come to trade, sell and buy different goods and produce.
I shopped for some vegetables (Can you believe now how excited I was??). I bought 1 pound of Farm Red Onions, 1 Beets on the leaves, 2 Pears and 2 Sansa Red Apples. All for.....guess the price? A motley sum of $5.00! If only I stayed closer to NY or in NY, I would have shopped for days together at the Farmers Market. Economical, Closer to Organic fresh variety and its delight to see the smile on the faces of the Farmers selling their wares. Reminds me of Citibank Credit card ad. Priceless!

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