Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boiled Cauliflower (Flowerachey Sheez)

There are some dishes which are radically simple. Even a 2nd grade child can make it, yet they have a certain iota of nostalgia associated with them which you cannot find in rich and lavish dishes. When we were kids, Mom used to make this very simple dish. My name for this was Flowerachey Sheez. Sheez in Goan Konkani implies boiling procedure. Flower is nothing but the humble Cauliflower. When Mom used to ask me what to be prepared for dinner, leaving aside all the difficult and time-consuming cuisines your truly always obliged for this warm, soggy vegetable. Do no ask me why? I still cannot fathom my delight as a child consuming these cutie florets. It offered a different sense of deja-vu for me as a kid. I had a glint in my eyes everytime she used to cook these. I believe this is dish which kids would love (provided they love vegetables, yes I can hear the mom's screaming, vegetables, my child no way!). Tough task for my mom. Guess she thought this secret packaging works wonders. You child gets to eat the vegetables and you rest in peace because you child is finally eating something nutritious.
Come to think of this dish today, I throw my head back and laugh a lot! Some food have more than just memories to cherish.

Recipe is my mom's humble kitchen creation
Serves ~ couple of individuals

Cauliflower - 2 large heads
Salt - as per taste
Pepper powder - Just a sprinkle

Boil the two large of Cauliflower after thoroughly washing them. Cook in a presure cooker for 20 minutes with salt and pepper sprinkled over them. Serve them hot with Rice and Curry as a side dish.

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