Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chickpea Vegetable Stock (Kaabuli Chaney Saaru)

Chickpea vegetable stock has been my favorite vegetable stock since I was a child. I fondly remember the days when I used to ask Mom to boil Chickpea's just to get the delicious and nutritious Kaabuli Chaney Saaru. Chickpea is called as Kaabuli Chanaa in Konkani. Vegetable stock go well as an accompaniement with rice and are generally neutral type of food; so this one acts light on the tummy and does not give you a heavy feeling after dinner or lunch. Vegetable stock also helps us make optimum utilization of vegetables and their usage.
Serves ~ 6-10 servings
Recipe Source ~ Mom

Chickpea vegetable stock - 4 cups
Garlic flakes (crushed) - 6-8 flakes
Salt - as per taste
Red Chilli (Byadgi Red Chilli) - 1-2
Green Chillies - 2
Oil - for frying

Bring the vegetable stock to boil with Green Chillies. Dilute it further with water should you want to. In a separate pan, heat oil and saute the garlic flakes till they turn golden brown. Add Red Chilli/Chillies and saute well. Pour this tadka on the Saaru and serve hot with Rice.


  1. I am like you. I enjoy this saaru made from differnt beans like black eyed bean, kulith etc. We add little tamarind and tomato to the boiling saaru. Looks good!

  2. @ Parita - Thanks.

    @ RC - I am big Saaru fan! Join the gang! Nice to know about the tangy addition. Will try this way some time.


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