Friday, August 14, 2009

California Pizza Kitchen - Crispy Thin Crust: Margherita

There are times when you feel like just crossing your legs, stare at the ceiling and do nothing. I made Pizza on one such occasion recently. Bought one reay-to-eat from local Shoprite, stashed some Kalamata Pitted Black Olives and Giorgio Mushroom pieces. Added some pieces of Chicken Patties on top for extra crunch and bite flavours; Baked for 20 minutes and presto! My pizza is ready.
Hold on! It was not so easy! I had kept the oven to pre-heat and to my horrors within a few minutes the kitchen stovetop area was full of smoke. Our apt has smoke sensors. The kitchen was full of smoke, alarm was festering my ears! P and I were running around to fix and stop the alarm lest the water sprinklers begin to shower! Finally, after 10 minutes situation was under control. P was very helpful, thanks to him, we realised the root cause was a BBQ grill rack lying in the oven which had grease on it. Sigh! After 5 minutes of alarm and 30 minutes of fire-fighting, we finally dug into this yummy Pizza.!!

This ready-to-eat was not a pleasant experience! ;-)
Recipe Source: California Pizza Kitchen - 12 " pizza
Cooking time: 25 minutes
Pitted Black Kalamata Olives - 15 Olives (chopped and sliced)
Mushrooms (canned) - 1 can (I used Giorgio)
Pre-heat oven to 400 F. Stash the pizza in the oven and allow to bake for around 15 minutes; We like it crispy so we allowed the Pizza to bake for some more time.
Garnish with Red Chilli flakes, Oregano seasoning and Basil herb. Serve hot with cool summer juices and mocktails.

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