Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Simple Konkani Meal: Jevaan

The Konkan region is a narrow coastal strip in the western region of India. It stretches from Raigad to Mangalore in the South. The Konkan region comprises of Mumbai, Raigad, Sindhudurg, Thane, Ratnagiri, The State of Goa. Uttar Kannada or North Canara comprises of Kumta, Honnavar, Bhatkal, Siddapur, Sirsi, Ankola and some other regions. Dakshin Kannada or Sorth Canara comprises of Mangalore, Bantwal, Sullia, Puttur regions.

The origin of Udupi cuisine comes from Mandhvacharya and the cuisines was developed, propogated by Shivalli Brahmins, a group of individuals who cooked food for Shri Krishna at Krishna temple, Udupi. Even today, the food is served free for all patrons who visit Lord Krishna. Their culinary preparation if quite famous in Udupi. Its primarily known for vegeterian cuisines, with no garlic and onions and no meat/ fish.

Udupi food preparations make abundant use of pulses, grams, vegetables, gourds, fruits, seasonal produce, leaves and other root vegetables which add lot of value to the overall taste and flavour.

Udupi cuisine gains its origin from Astha Matha found my Sri Madhvacharya. Udupi cuisines makes lavish use of Pulses, Grains, Lentils, Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits. The cuisine was primarily propogated by Shivalli Brahmins. Udupi cuisines make optimum and generous use of Colocasia leaves (Alvaa Paan), Raw Jackfruit (Tarnee Kadgee), Raw Green Bananas, Coconut (grated), Coconut oil, Seasonal vegetables like Yellow Chinese Cucumber (called as Magge in Konkani or Sautekai in Kannada), Ash Gourds, Kantola, Parval. Its a surprising fact that Udupi cuisines also make abundant use of leafy and root vegetables like Negro Coffee or Cassia Tora leaves which is the botanical name (called Tailkile Paan in Konkani which grow primarily in rainy season)), Colocasia leaves (called as Alvaa paan in Konkani), Konkani Arbi or Kaale Aalvaa Maaddi (called as Maaddi in konkani), Drumstick leaves and flowers (called as Shengyaa Palley and Phool). We also get seasonal vegetables like Paasphanas, Breadfruit (called as Jeev Kadagee in konkani) which are eaten with relish.

I made a simple Konkani meal comprising of Rice, Daal (Dali Thoi), Beans Side dish (Upkari), Cucumber salad (Toushey Hullal), some Lime Pickle and Red Chillie Papad (called as Taambdi Haapli or Tambdo Haapollu) to go along with. I served it in popular type of serving dish in India called as Otte Vaattey or Khanaa Vattey in Konkani or Plate with pockets in laymans terms. I love eating in this type of a serving plate. A typical konkani lunch/dinner partaking process is called Jevaan or Jehvan in Marathi, Otaa in Kannada, Saapada in Tamil.

Source: As narated by my mother + Wikipedia

Update: Sept 15, 2009 - Changes to the Uttar Kannada and Dakshin Kannada description. Thanks to Shilpa from Aayisrecipes for the feedback.


  1. This is a fulfilling meal. :) Looks nice..

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  2. @ Nithya - Thank you! Glad you like Konkani Foodie.


  3. You have a very nice blog Ashwini. Great recipes.

    Just a correction. Uttar Kannada(North Kanara as we call it) is a district consisting of Kumta, Karwar, bhatkar, Ankola etc(more about it at wiki. None of the places mentioned in the post are part of Uttar Kannada.They are separate districts (except Goa which is a state).

  4. Shilpa - Its so great to recieve a comment from you. For an amateur blogger like me it means a lot. Thanks a lot once again.

    I will make the necessary changes to the write-up. Thanks for the info.


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